Certified IT Asset Disposition


This course prepares you to manage the IT asset disposal processes within an organization.

At any step during the ITAD process, errors can and do occur and organizations can be subject to fines, penalties and public disgrace. By taking the CITAD course, you will learn how to mitigate the risks associated with improper disposal of IT assets and determine the appropriate path for their organization and the options available.

The course will be available from November 2022.


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What Will You Learn?


Laws are subject to change no matter where you live. Learn how where you are based AND where you do business is affected by legislation, new vendors and mergers/acqusitions.



Learn how to mitigate misconceptions and how to educate your organization in crucial areas (such as Storage vs. Disposal).


Find out how to manage vendor relationships in regards to your disposal processes.

Value Proposition

  • Responsibly implement and manage IT Asset Disposal processes
  • Identify and learn to maximize efficiency of the disposition work-flow in your company
  • Protect against government audits and learn to maintain compliance in IT disposal

Class & materials

This course will take place in a virtual classroom. You will receive all digital materials after your confirmed attendance.

Training costs & payment details

1.500 EUR

This is a 1-day course!

After reserving your seat, you will receive an email with online payment details (via creditcard or Apple pay). After your payment is completed, your registration is completed and all needed course materials and course details will be shared with you.

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